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Residential cabling is at the core of all the home technologies you implement – now and in the future.

Running the correct wire is crucial. The old wire, which is still being run in many homes being built, does not have enough bandwidth to support today’s technologies. New high-speed Cat 6 telephone wire can transmit information at 100Mbps. Cat 6:

Allows information from the Internet to be downloaded faster
Allows for more efficient and faster communication between networked computers
Minimizes cross-talk and other interference

For video signal, RG6 quad shielded coaxial cable has the bandwidth you need for satellite, high-definition television and clearer cable signals.

All of the wire should be “home run” to a central hub. Today, there are several options for advanced power centers, which provide the communication, monitoring and control capabilities that allow interaction with your security system, television, water heaters and personal computers.

Network and Structured Cabling

Network and Structured Cabling

Exceptional Wi-Fi Speeds and Reliability Throughout Your Expansive Home
Exceptional Wi-Fi Speeds and Reliability Throughout Your Expansive Home
  • Expanded bandwidth for high-performance AV, lighting and more.
  • Unmatched protection and support for all connected devices
  • Cutting-edge wireless access points extend signal to your outdoor spaces



From the bedroom to the wine cellar, smart technologies like motorized blinds provide the perfect balance of splendor and functionality to every space in your home. Revel in the possibilities below.

Expert Structured Cabling Solution Provider In Connecticut

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