Lighting Control

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Lighting controls can be implemented anywhere in the house – inside or out. Don’t settle for on, off or dim. Lighting control allows you to preset scenes – or moods. For example, do you think you would have a lighting preference for a romantic dinner, for reading in the bedroom, or gathering with friends in the great room? One button can take you there.

You can control all the lights in a home from master controls, including lamp dimmers, single zones and entire room controls. Did you leave the kitchen light on before you went to bed? With a main lighting control in the master bedroom, you can see what lights are left on and turn them off.

Natural light is also included in lighting control. With motorized window treatments, you can maximize window views while protecting furniture from harmful UV damage, reduce daylight heat and glare, reduce cooling costs, and maintain a uniform appearance by keeping all shades at the same level.

Dimmable LED Thin Panel Lights Video

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