Smart Home Technology

System integration aims to make life easier. Each individual subsystem in your home – lighting, security, audio, video, HVAC, even lawn sprinklers – can all be controlled by one main system.

This main system allows for convenient and easy management to all your subsystems. This is all possible through in-wall touchscreens, wireless touchscreens, remotes, computer, Apple iPad and tablets.

Take control with the Elan g! System

The ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System can be configured to do as much, or as little as you want. Plus, it’s easy to add controls in the future. The Elan g! System has been engineered to work together with the leading suppliers of lighting, climate, security and other home automation devices.

Here are some of the Elan g! Apps and what you can do with them:


Configure the features you want.
Check the weather.
Even view traffic cams.


Enjoy audiophile sound for music, movies, TV.
Get an unlimited supply of music from the Cloud.
Watch what you want, where you want, when you want.


Lock or unlock doors with your iPhone.
Make the house looked lived in even while away.
Close the garage door from the couch.


Turn up the heat before you get home from a trip.
Remotely access and control your vacation home.
Monitor your utility bill without working at it.


Turn the lights off with one button.
Set the mood with special lighting.
Control lighting while you are away.


Respond to weather forecasts from your sofa.
Automatically adjust for the seasons.
Adjust schedules to protect landscaping and conserve water.


Call the family to dinner.
Create a virtual bulletin board for your family.
Get alerts to your phone or email.


Monitor the health of your pool.
Adjust schedules to conserve energy.
Set just spa temperature and lighting remotely for when you arrive home.


Make sure the kids are safe and at home.
Keep tabs on your vacation home.
Look around the house, even when you are not there.