Don't Settle for a Slow Connection

Don't Settle for a Slow Connection

Get a top-of-the-line Wi-Fi system for your smart home in Durham, CT

The average U.S. household has about seven devices connected to their Wi-Fi at one time. That's a lot of demand for Wi-Fi service. If you have a slow Wi-Fi system, you'll probably lose your connection frequently. Hometronics Lifestyles can make sure that doesn't happen.

We offer comprehensive smart home services for clients in Durham, CT. We'll make sure that your devices are connected to your Wi-Fi 24/7.

Don't settle for a Wi-Fi connection that's constantly dropping. Let the experts at Hometronics Lifestyles strengthen your Wi-Fi connection.

We'll help you get a steady and strong Wi-Fi connection

Almost every electronic device has Wi-Fi connectivity - even appliances. Some of the most popular devices that require a Wi-Fi connection include:
  • Cellphones
  • Laptops and tablets
  • Video game systems
  • Music systems
  • Doorbells
  • Security cameras
The staff at Hometronics Lifestyles can make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection whenever you need it. Call 800-468-9418 to speak with a Wi-Fi system expert in Durham, CT today.

During this time of uncertainty, let HomeTronics Lifestyles ensure that your
current network is capable of handling the unexpected increase in traffic in your
home and/or home office. As schools and businesses close, we are all being
required to work from home and our networks will be stressed.

HomeTronics Lifestyles has been upgrading and installing Wi-Fi and Network systems for years and we'd like to assist you during this unprecedented time.
HomeTronics Lifestyles can review your current situation and install Arakins
Network solutions that can monitor your system with what we call OVCR. This
solution will ensure your network remains updated and in peak operating
condition, at all times.
We are here for you! Call with ANY questions you may have and we will assist you
any way we can! Stay safe!! We will get through this - together. (203) 234-9975
In the meantime, here are 7 useful tips to get you started (credit Tweak & Trick):

7 Wi-Fi Tweaks to Increase Your Speed

Chances are if you have a wireless internet connection at your home, you have had some trouble with the speed of the connection at least once before. That being said, a slow wireless connection can be frustrating to deal with. You are probably paying good money to your internet service provider, so slow speed is something you should not have to deal with, right? Well, the truth is wireless speed can be affected by a number of things. Luckily there are some Wi-Fi tweaks you can try that should help boost your speed and get you rolling in no time.

1. Reposition Your Router

The position of your wireless router plays a major role in the speed and strength of your wireless connection. If you are having trouble, you should try to reposition your router in a centrally located area, where the signal can equally reach each wireless device in your house. If your router is near an outside wall, try to move it closer to the middle of your house. Routers that are placed near outside walls can send some of the signal outside, which can risk your wireless connection's strength and speed

2. Purchase a Wireless Signal Repeater

Adding a wireless signal repeater to your home network can greatly increase the speed of your connection. A repeater works by extending your signal without having to add any additional wires. All you have to do is simply place the wireless repeater in a location that is between your router and your wireless device(s). It will instantly boost the wireless signal that is sent from the router to your devices, meaning faster speeds for you.

3. Install a New Antenna

Most wireless routers come standard with an omnidirectional antenna, meaning it broadcasts the wireless signal in a circular radius to reach various places in your home. If your router is in a perfectly centered location between all of your wireless devices, this is probably fine. But if your router isn't perfectly centered among devices, you should think about replacing the existing antenna with a stronger one, known as a highgain antenna. You can usually remove your old antenna and replace it with one of these stronger antennas to boost your signal strength, therefore increasing the speed of your connection. Another perk of a high-gain antenna is its ability to focus the wireless signal in any direction you prefer.

4. Use One Brand of Equipment

You may not think that using different brands of equipment can reduce the speed of your wireless connection, but in reality it can. If you use different brands of equipment, your components may not work as efficiently. This is because many manufacturers of wireless networking equipment pre-install enhancements in all of their products. These enhancements can boost speed, but will only work if products from the same manufacturer are used simultaneously. If you are using various brands of equipment and your speed is
suffering, this is definitely worth a try.

5. Reduce Frequency Interference

Many household electronics, such as cordless telephones and baby monitors, run at the same frequency as wireless routers. This means that these electronic devices can interfere with the wireless signal that is being
broadcast from your router, which can affect the speed and performance of your connection. Check the box of your router to see what frequency it runs at, and try to avoid using other electronic devices that operate at the same frequency. You can also try to change the channel on your router to avoid frequency interference.

6. Check for Firmware or Driver Updates Regularly

The manufacturers of wireless routers and network adapters often release firmware or driver updates that can improve the function of your wireless connection. You can find and download these updates at the manufacturers' websites. Updates are usually done to fix issues, add features, and strengthen your equipment's performance. Check for these updates on a regular basis to make sure your firmware and drivers are always kept up to date

7. Secure Your Wireless Network

If your network is not properly secured, neighbors could be using your signal. This can reduce the speed of your connection because you are in a sort, sharing the wireless signal. Set up secure passwords and some sort of wireless encryption that will prevent anyone else from accessing your wireless network. All of these
Wi-Fi tweaks can greatly boost the speed of your wireless connection. If one of them does not seem to do the trick, try another or even a multitude of options. It may take a little time and patience, but once you figure out what works to speed up your connection, you will be happy you put forth the effort.