Smart Home

System integration aims to make life easier. Each individual subsystem in your home – lighting, security, audio, video, HVAC, even lawn sprinklers – can all be controlled by one main system.


Lighting controls can be implemented anywhere in the house – inside or out. Don’t settle for on, off or dim. Lighting control allows you to preset scenes – or moods.


From media rooms to dedicated theater rooms, there’s nothing like relaxing in your own home to watch a good film or an exciting sports game.


Audio and video can also be distributed throughout the house. You can listen to or watch any audio or video signal anywhere in the house from just one main component.

Network & Structured Cabling/Wiring

Running the correct wire is crucial. The old wire, which is still being run in many homes being built, does not have enough bandwidth to support today’s technologies.


Hometronics Lifestyles is now offering Advanced Shading Systems, which combine technology with fashion for window treatments for homes, businesses and office spaces. Our Advanced Shading Systems set new standards of excellence for automated shades.


The media room transforms a gathering area into a home theater viewing area, with a drop-down screen, surround sound and a rear projector. When the theater is not being used, the components, such as the screen, projector, and speakers, can be practically invisible.

Network &

The average U.S. household has about seven devices connected to their Wi-Fi at one time. That’s a lot of demand for Wi-Fi service. If you have a slow Wi-Fi system, you’ll probably lose your connection frequently. Hometronics Lifestyles can make sure that doesn’t happen.


We consult with architects, builders and homeowners to ensure that each and every component of the job integrates as seamlessly as possible without losing the integrity of you home’s structure or style!


Make your home your new favorite vacation spot with help from Hometronics Lifestyles. We make it easy so that you can turn your space into a tranquil spa with soothing music from the hidden speakers we can place for you.