Outdoor Living – Secrets to Really Living Outside the Walls

Jun 10, 2015 | Outdoor System

FACT: “Outdoor rooms for entertaining and recreational activities” was the number one trend listed in the 2013 American Society of Landscape Architects outdoor design survey.

Currently, one huge trend is the emergence of outdoor living spaces. They’re even found throughout the Pacific Northwest, hardly a bastion of sunshine and warmth.

No mere deck on which to hang when the weather’s good, we’re talking about complete outdoor spaces with all the comforts of home, outdoor kitchens that would make Bobby Flay drool, ornate wet bars, designer created décor, and even full-on outdoor media systems, replete with thundering surround sound and huge projection screens.

Seemingly nothing’s off limits when looking to extend lifestyles beyond the traditional confines of a home’s walls. If you live in more temperate climes; Texas, Arizona, or Florida, it’s easy to see the attraction. Why not stretch your living space and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time? After all, folks in Hawaii have been enjoying all the comforts of home, even outside of it, for years.


There’s just something comforting about being in the great outdoors. Sure, a grill is easy to understand. Outdoor and grilling goes together like PbnJ. What about having a big TV out there too? … No, a really big TV, like the one you have in the rec room.

Thankfully, several companies have seen the light, and make large screen LCD TVs actually designed to be outside, and look great doing it. If you have an outdoor fireplace, what would look better above it than a 65in TV? Ditto out by the pool. Just because you’re having fun in the water is no reason to miss the game. Pool parties have never been better.

Imagine hanging out with friends and family and watching games outside on a beautiful evening, as the sun sets. Now that’s a perfect evening!

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A Trend We’d Never Imagine (But We’re Glad Some Did!)

Sometimes, even the largest LCD TV isn’t large enough. One trend we’ve seen pop up is the full on outdoor theater. It’s one we could have scarcely believed a few years ago, but several innovations have come along that changed everything.

  1. Durable rear projection screens that can be framed into walls and deliver theater sized images outdoors. These are hard plastic or even special glass, so they resist the elements, but still provide the kind of image even the most die hard video enthusiast will love. Put the projector inside, even an outbuilding or garage, and frame the screen into the wall.
  2. Affordable, high quality projectors with enough light to drive large screens, and the image quality to make them look spectacular.
  3. Outdoor speakers that deserve to be considered for true home theater use.
  4. Real outdoor subwoofers. Subs are an essential part of any home theater.

Secrets to Winning Outdoor Living Spaces:

  • Make It About Fun and Relaxation
  • Focus on Your Lifestyle and Enhancing It
  • Work With Contractors You Know and Trust.

Given how much a dynamic outdoor living spaces enhance lives, their rising popularity in warmer climes is no surprise. Now that those in cooler locations have discovered ceiling mounted space heaters, they too know what the fuss has been all about. If you’re considering bringing an outdoor living space into your life, please Contact Us and let us use our expertise making it a favorite room in (out of?) your home.