Give a Masterpiece in TV Technology This Holiday Season, Sony’s Master Series TVs

Nov 14, 2018 | Blog

Whether you are updating your home theater or hoping to delight an avid sports enthusiast or movie buff this holiday season, Sony’s Master Series A9F or Z9F TVs will not disappoint.

In August of this year, Sony released the Master Series TVs, and both lines are getting rave reviews from home theater enthusiasts to techies across the board.

“The Z9F LCD, available in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes, could be the next reigning king of LCDs while the A9F OLED, offered in 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes, looks to continue Sony’s dominance in the OLED arena,” says TechRadar.

Sony’s Video On its Master TV Series

With Sony’s A9F Master Series OLED TV the top features include 4KHDR, X1 Ultimate, OLED technology, Pixel Contrast Booster, Acoustical Surface Audio and is IMAX enhanced.

Sony’s A9F Master Series LCD TV. The top features are 4KHDR, X1 Ultimate, X-Wide Angle, X-tended Dynamic Range (XDR Contrast 12-X), Dolby Vision and are IMAX enhanced.

The A9F OLED and Z9F LCD Master Series share some similar features. Both lines have full-color management systems with automated professional calibration process which includes a new special “Custom” mode already calibrated for consumer use. The new X1 Ultimate processor is also included in both TV series, which helps to improve image quality and enhances the sharpness.

“What we saw at the Sony unveiling with these Master Series TVs was, to say the least, quite impressive,” says 4k Technology.

The A9F OLED includes a Pixel Contrast Booster, boosting colors at high brightness levels, with deeper blacks for a wide-viewing angle. The new Acoustic Surface Audio+ channel sound system includes an additional center actuator and 2 side-facing subwoofers providing a full in theater like sound that comes right from the screen itself.

“The Sony A9F MASTER Series OLED Ultra HD display is a phenomenal achievement, one that is no doubt worth the premium you’ll pay for it,” says Andrew Robinson of Home Theater Review.

In a market dominated by two competing TV panel technologies, LCD and OLED, the Z9F attempts to bring the deep blacks and contrast afforded by OLED while overachieving in every facet of LCD TV: intense brightness, punchy HDR, and a massive palate of colors, which benefits those of us who watch TV in pretty much any place other than a dedicated dark room. Indeed, the Z9F appears to succeed at that goal. And then some, according to an article by Digital Trends.

“Both TVs have a lot to offer,” according to TechRadar magazine. “The Z9F is taking on some of the biggest limitations of LCD TVs that AV enthusiasts have struggled with for years, while the A9F looks set to take OLED’s audio closer on par with its video skills. Both screens come with remotes with microphones and include Android TV with hands-free Google Assistant help … whether you find that a feature or a potential sore spot is up to you.”