Motorized Shades

Hometronics Lifestyles is now offering  Advanced Shading Systems, which combine technology with fashion for window treatments for homes, businesses and office spaces. Our Advanced Shading Systems set new standards of excellence for automated shades, as they are powered by easily installed low-voltage power or long lasting batteries that are easily accessible inside the shade tube.

The results are elegant electric shades with industry leading battery life and unparalleled quietness. They can be installed in a wide variety of places including homes, hospitals, universities, hotels, restaurants, retail spaces and offices.

Check Out Some Design Aspects:

Roller shade bracketing is slim and unobtrusive. This makes the motorized systems more attractive, but also reduces the side light gaps to a minimum of 1/2″ on each side.

All automated shade systems incorporate an exclusive manual override system. If your remote is not handy, the shades can still be controlled with a tug of your hand. Advanced shades are the only products available with this function.

Automated roller shades are quiet and efficient.

Automated roller shades are designed with a built-in safety braking systems so they do not pass over the top when rising. The benefit of this is both protection of the electric shade as well as protection of your walls and windows.

There are plenty of design and decorative options for each motorized and non-motorized shade collection. We offer a wide range of colors that are as functional as they are stylish.

Want more options for ease of control?

Multichannel Remote provides different channels to give you control over six individual shades and six groups of shades (or all of them together) with one remote control.

We offer the flexibility of manual operation. A short tug to the bottom bar of the shade activates the motor, causing the shade to glide to a fully open or to a pre-programmed intermediate position. You can also pull the shade downward to your desired position.

QConnect is an intelligent interface that can communicate with most building and home control systems. It allows you to sync your shades with your home automation systems.

Qsync works with the app that is available in your app store. It transforms a smartphone or tablet into the most elegant and functional transmitter for QMotion products.

Installation Videos

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