3 Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Music System

Jun 10, 2015 | Outdoor Speakers, Outdoor System, Speakers

As the snow is melting from winter and spring is trying it’s best to arrive, now is the time to start thinking about installing a new outdoor audio system for more enjoyable backyard cookouts, pool parties or just enjoying the evening under the stars. Here are three tips to help get you started in planning a music system.

Speaker Style

There are many different styles of outdoor speakers. Choosing the ones that compliment your home and garden is the hardest part. Rock, planter and in-ground speakers blend in with the surroundings. Wall mountable speakers work well under a home’s eaves. In-wall or in-ceiling speakers are perfect for covered patios or lanais. Each area around your yard might have a different type of speaker, but be sure to choose the type that will withstand the weather in your area.

Speaker placement

Outside sound can travel as far as the neighbor’s yard or not far enough, giving you sound in localized spots. Speaker placement is essential for the different areas of your yard. Don’t place speakers close to one area and farther from another. This would create too loud music in one area making a conversation difficult or too low music for a kid’s party.  A professional installer can help get the placement right in your speaker planning by spreading the sound evenly across your outdoor space. Low frequencies have large waves and will tend to dissipate quickly; a good option is to install a partially buried outdoor subwoofer.

Multiple zones

Do you have separate audio zones in your home? Why not consider that in your backyard. By creating independent zones around your yard, each area could benefit from having its own volume control as well as music source. As your family and friends venture off to the dining area, pool area, seating area, or patio, controlling the volume and music genres creates a different atmosphere for the activities.

Sonance Speakers

Sonance all-weather outdoor products are made for any traditional installation and designed to deliver excellent performance while looking great. The Landscape Series speaker system delivers even volume coverage and sound quality throughout any size space while staying hidden amongst plants and under foliage.

Rock speakers and subwoofers come in natural colors and textures and are designed to hide in garden beds. Mariner speakers are perfect for courtyards and patios. Extreme in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are perfect for outdoor rooms, under eaves and demanding marine applications.