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What is a verified video system?

It is a system where either you, or a central station company, can verify that there is a crime in progress. Video verification of intruders leads to

  • a priority response police dispatch
  • more apprehensions and arrests
  • a growing community support
  • Why do I need it?

    The DragonFly Security System provides video verification of activity inside your home. It is an easy to install, do-it-yourself system where you can access and manage your account through your smartphone or a desktop app. At the push of a button, you can send the video to a professional monitoring station for dispatch to the police.

    Property vandalism and home invasions occur all too often, especially when there are no security systems in place. Keep your family and property safe with this economical DIY system.

    Real Estate Agents

    Real Estate Agents

    Vacant homes can be a security risk for both agents and customers.
    Try the following tips:

  • Give a “lived-in” look by putting lamps on timers to give the appearance of someone being home.
  • Use a dusk sensor to illuminate the front of the home at night. A porch light left on all day is a dead giveaway for a vacant home.
  • Install a DIY security system to monitor the premises.